Bionic Design of the Scallop Shell
@@@In Aomori Prefecture, the shells of about fifty thousand tons of scallops a year are scrapped by being piled in fields along with the scallop aquaculture deposits in Mutsu Bay. It is estimated that about seventy thousand tons or more are piled in fields in Aomori Prefecture alone. The amount of scrapping is estimated to increase further because the scallop culture industry feeds plankton, the cost of the aquaculture is low, and aquaculture is now prospering. Research was conducted to effectively apply, from an engineering viewpoint, the structure and the functions of the scallop shells attained through the process of the evolution.

The mountain of the scallop shell
Aomori Prefecture Hiranaimachi

scallop shell
@@@Hachinohe Institute of Technology in Hachinohe (HIT), Japan, and Chafflose Corporation, Co., Ltd. started collaboration between academia and industry in 1999 by discussing functions of the scallop shell. The collaboration aimed to investigate and develop the application of scallop shell ceramics, and to manufacture products using scallop shell ceramics by applying bionic design techniques. The resulting products containing scallop shell ceramics were put to practical use, such as for wall materials for interiors, insulation, tatami-matting, wallpaper, sliding screen paper, detergent, and so on. These products are potential countermeasures against sick building syndrome.@@@A clinical examination of the athlete's foot medicine made of the scallop shell ceramics that special heated a scallop shell finished in the United States in October, 2005. MOIYATM was sold as a marketing medicine in the United States,Canada and Mexico in 2006. MOIYA is meaning to say as athlete's foot is no more thank you in Japanese
‘ Introducing "MOIYA"@@An innovative water-based treatment made from scallop shells.
œ There is no side effect because of natural material.
œ Bad smell which is characteristic of athlete's foot can be removed.
œ 72% and more of the patient@who took a clinical examination answered that MOIYA is better than others by the comparison with all athlete's foot medicine.
œ 70% of the patients got well within 3 weeks@in a clinical examination.
œ Because it is not ointment, stockings, a sheet, and so on are never made dirty.