A clinical examination of the athlete's foot medicine made of the scallop shell ceramics
that special heated a scallop shell was finished in the United States in October, 2005.
It was sold as a marketing medicine in the United States.

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Foot Doctor Recommended.
@@@Dramatically improves the appearance of athlete foot affected skin.
@Lelieves redness,itching and scaling. Easy to use amd safe for skin.
@More than 70% of tester say,"This product is BETTER than any other
@foot medication they used recently".


‘ Introducing "MOIYA"
@@@@@An innovative water-based treatment made from scallop shells.
œ There is no side effect because of natural material.
œ Bad smell which is characteristic of athlete's foot can be removed.
œ 72% and more of the patient@who took a clinical examination answered that MOIYA is better than others by the comparison with all athlete's foot medicine .
œ 70% of the patients got well within 3 weeks@in a clinical examination.
œ Because it is not ointment, stockings, a sheet, and so on are never made dirty.
@ @

@@@It is interesting that shell ceramics shows antifungal activity agaist Arthroderma vanbreusegheim ‡@ and A. benhamiae ‡A ,but affected in a less extent to growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae ‡B.
SSC absence SSC present
‡@ Arthroderma vanbreusegheim,‡A A. benhamiae, and ‡B Saccharomyces cerevisiae @SSC;Scallop Shell Ceramics solution
@Though pH of MOIYA is about 12.5, it is proved in the irritation examination in the United States that irritation to the skin is less than distilled water.
@Athlete's foot is caused by fungi(primary.Trichophytron rubrum). Improvement in the appearance of Athlete's foot-affected skin will be achieved by controlling the growth of these fungi.
@We estimate a mechanism as follows.
@MOIYA contains a mixture of calcium carbonate(CaCO3), calcium oxide(CaO) and calcium hydroxide(Ca(OH)2), which are mixed with de-ionized water. MOIYA solution is known to have very basic character(pH12.5), and containd potend hydroxyl radicals. We confirmed that the hydroxyl radicals occurred from the scallop shell ceramics by the measurement by ESR. @The hydroxyl radicals of MOIYA pulls out hydrogen atom from the material of cell film of these fungi@and privent the developement of fungi by triggering chain reactions in fungi growth.
@Strong alkalinity disrupte the material of cell film of these fungi.
@@The multiplier effect of potend hydroxyl radicals and strong alkalinity privent the developement of fungi in fungi growth.