The development of collaboration between academia and industry research
    In 1999, the Hachinohe Institute of Technology (HIT) in Hachinohe, Japan and Chafflose Corporation, Co.,Ltd. in Yokohama, Japan started the collaboration between academia and industry for the year 2000 by discussing results for functions of the scallop shell materials obtained. The objectives of the collaboration were to investigate, develop, and manufacture scallop shell ceramics by applying the techniques of bionic design. Researchers at HIT will study the means of action and mechanisms of functions of the ceramics, while development and manufacturing will take place at Chafflose Corporation, Co.,Ltd..
 Development of target articles
  Given their excellent characteristics, scallop shell products are eagerly anticipated, such as detergents to prevent food poisoning, preservatives, wall material with or without an infrared heater panel used in a hospital to prevent in-hospital infections like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), wall material to reduce formaldehyde and chemicals in the atmosphere for countermeasures against “sick” building syndrome in hospitals and eventide homes, and as a calcium additive.