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 A bone can prevent aging by a healthy diet and an appropriate amouut of exercise.
  Strong bones strengthen a blood vessel, and clean blood is created. Also, strong bones prevent osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and Arteriosclerosis. Strong bones prevent the aging of skin and winkle formation.
  Scallop shell ceramics is the powder which was burned at the high temperature. It is 100% of the natural material. Scallop shell is safe so that it may be used for the product of the big enterprises food manufacturer as calcium increase medicine. It is authorized even if a food additive is taken.
Special Features of CALCIUM AID
   The CALCIUM AID compound the following mineral which creates bones and the material:
   Calcium, vitamins A, D, and K, phosphorus, rutin,manganese.    All mineral such as sodium, potassium and manganese, a vitamin B1, B2, E, C, folic acid pantothenic acid, biotin, dietary fiber.
Raw material uses all the natural foods.
Scallop Shell
  In addition to calcium, in such cases as magnesium, the phosphorus, the sodium, potassium, the iron and the manganese Six mineral elements in the indispensable composition 7 element are contained.
Bitter buckwheat
  The rutin content is very large at about 100 times of common buckwheat. It has capillary vessel strengthening action, and rutin is a kind of flavonoid and the function element done when it influences a blood pressure decline .
Fish and shells
  A vitamin D is added by the dried bonito shavings.
  A vitamin K, a vitamin C and a food fiber are combined by the parsley.
■Directions for use
■The development of the CALCIUM AID
    The supliment to eat with a family by biotechnology by the research for many years and the experiment, and a physical exercise were devised with Hachinohe institute of technology and Chafflose Corporation, Co., Ltd.,.   The bone that everyone in the family is quite healthy can be created by 1 pretense's putting the CALCIUM AID in the rice.   These goods are the sister goods of calcium sprout brown rice which has already been sold.
■Calcium is the mineral which is necessary to discharge the harmful mineral which went into the inside of the body.
  A table shows the mineral which is necessary to discharge the harmful mineral which went into the inside of the body. As for calcium, it is understood that it is the indispensable mineral which promotes the discharge of many harmful minerals.     
The mineral which is necessary to discharge the harmful mineral.

The related product which has already been developed .
■ Calcium sprout brown rice
  Calcium sprout brown rice is made as follows. The scallop shell ceramics which it dealt with uniquely in the water is added. The calcium oxide which is the ceramic main component reacts with the water, and gives off heat, and brown rice sprouts by this heat. It found that calcium was contained in the sprout brown rice 100g about 502mg as a result of the analysis. The amount of this calcium is the quantity that it is equivalent to about fifty times of the sprout brown rice on the market.
Woman's wrinkles are bone mineral density and relation.
           ---LOS ANGELES JAPANESE 「RAFU SHIMPO」、2011.6.9
It became clear that it was in the woman's wrinkles and the bone density by the investigation of the research group of the YALE University of the fixed correlation. A result of investigation was announced officially in the academic meeting held in Boston on June 6.
  A research group investigates 114 women before and after 50 years old within 3 years after menstruation completed . The bone mineral density of the person with the tension skin was high, and the bone mineral density of the person who has many wrinkles was low as a result of examining eleven skin of the face and the neck and bone mineral density.
The other role of calcium
  The metal contained in the human body is the richest in calcium. Of course that most part is contained in the tooth and the bone. A bone fulfills a source of supply of calcium, the duty of the storehouse, too. As for calcium ion (Ca2+), the cell division, the function of the brain, the muscular function and the blood congelation influence almost all physiological phenomena.
◎ The contraction of the muscle fiber .
  Calcium concerned with the muscular contraction is contained in endoplasmic reticulum inside the cell. When an electric signal is introduced from the brain, calcium ion is radiated, and connected with one of the proteins which compose muscle, and two kinds of fiber proteins which compose muscle of that influence act on each other, and muscle is made to contract.
  Calcium ion which appeared from endoplasmic reticulum again at the same time works on another enzyme, and that enzyme has the duty to return calcium ion to the cause.
◎ Nerve transmission
 Calcium is involved in the nerve transmission as well. When an electric signal is transmitted and it reaches an end, a signal is transmitted to the next neuron which releases nerve transmission material in many cases . Calcium ion is involved in a release of this nerve transmission material.
  A signal is being made by changing calcium ion concentration. A mind is easy to be irritated because it becomes the condition that a mind is unstable because a nerve doesn't function well when it becomes shortage of calcium.

◎ The resolution of the glycogen .
  Calcium is involved in the resolution of the glycogen. When sugar is taken too much, calcium is taken in the answer for that, and it becomes shortage of calcium. As for calcium, it should be necessary to take 0.6g with an adult for around 1 day. There is a duty which promotes the absorption of calcium ion in the vitamin D.