The details of Chaffwall

  The wall material, ChaffwallTM, with scallop shell as its main component, has antibacterial and deodorant characteristics, besides a reducing action on several chemical substances. This wall material is is composed of 86% scallop shell powder and 14% cellulose acetate as a binder.
  ChaffwallTM is made of 100% natural material, and does not release any harmful chemical material. This wall material can be used by dissolving it in water, and is applied with a roller brush or a spray gun.
  Because this wall material can also directly applied to a vinyl cloth, it is suitable for house renovation. Moreover, vinyl cloth distributed with ChaffwallTM does not generate dioxin when vinyl cloth is incinerated, because more than 90% of the dechlorination is suppressed (data not shown).
  Moreover, this wall material is an antibacterial and a deodorant action, and is effective in freshening the air of the room as carbon dioxide is made to decrease by ChaffwallTM .
  It is also useful in preventing sick building syndrome, anaphylaxis due to chemical substances, and allergies to house dust, such as fungi, ticks, bacteria, etc. Therefore, this material should attract attention as a novel wall and paint material instead of new synthetic building materials.