The way of using "ChaffcleanTM

   Scallop shell powder is heated at the high temperature, and scallop shell ceramics is made. The scallop shell ceramics has several functions such as antibacterial action, deodorant action, and reduction of harmful chemical material, for example, formaldehyde in the atmosphere. The scallop shell ceramics is dissolved in the natural water, and ChaffcleanTM is made. ChaffcleanTM is a 100% natural material made from scallop shell ceramic as its main ingredient. As no heavy metals have been detected in the scallop shell, and it is used as a calcium additive in certain foods in Japan, ChaffcleanTM is a safe washing detergent even if ingested.  Though pH of ChaffcleanTM is 12.5, it is proved in the irritation examination in the United States that irritation is less than distilled water. So, there is no problem at all even if Chaffclean is sprayed on the skin.

  When it dries, that turns a little white. So, you don't spray it on the colored object, and glass , and so on. When it was choked with nozzle, it is washed with hot water and it is easy to be removed.
1. You can use it to clean your cutting board and wipe the refrigerator. Also,you can use it as detergents for vegetables, eggs, kitchenware, exhaust fans, house furnishings, etc. Just in case, you wash it after the use.
2. A deodorizer for shoes and a prevention against an athelete’s foot.
 You spray it on insole of the shoes, and you dry it.
3. Prevention of a mold occurrence on the wall side of the bath .
4. For deodorant article
  The bad smell of pet and the rest room of the pet. When kerosene was spilt. Garbage . The rest room.
5. You spray it on the vegetables and so on. When you put them in the plastic bag, freshness will be maintained.
6. You spray on the vegetables ,fruit and so on. They are left for several minutes.
 You can remove the agricultural chemicals.
Because a toothbrush is always wet, miscellaneous germs breed with a toothbrush. It is sprayed on the toothbrush before and after brushing teeth. Prevention of a decayed tooth and pyorrhea.
An athelete’s foot.
 One of specific products for a practical application is the remedy against an athlete's foot. The clinical examination of this medicine was finished in USA. That medicine will be put on the market for the Christmas sale in 2005.

 It thinks that it becomes a specific remedy which has unprecedented effect from the result that by using Chaffclean, all of the members cured as a result of trying a half-year to seven patients in the hospital in Yokohama City. Remedy is made from scallop shell ceramics.